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Are there Copperheads in Mississippi?

While most snakes in Mississippi are not venomous, there are a few you want to watch out for. Mississippi is home to four types of venomous snakes, the Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth, Copperhead, and Coral Snake.

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In this way, does Mississippi have snakes?

Mississippi is home to three species and various subspecies of rattlesnakes: eastern diamondback (Crotalus adamanteus), timber or canebrake rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus), and three subspecies of pigmy rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius).

Beside above, what month are snakes most active? Snakes are most active whenever temperatures are between 80-90F. This means that the snakes may be active most of the day during the spring, and during the early mornings and late afternoons throughout the summer.

In respect to this, what is the most poisonous snake in Mississippi?

Mississippi is home to more than 50 species of snakes, but only six species are venomous. Our venomous species include the Eastern coral snake, copperhead, cottonmouth/water moccasin, pigmy rattlesnake, Eastern diamondback rattlesnake and timber rattlesnake/canebrake rattlesnake.

At what temperature do Copperheads hibernate?

The snakes will come out when the temperature outside has reached 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When the place is warmer, then the snake will not go into hibernation, but they will go into brumation. The hibernation is a deep sleep that takes place in snow covered and colder climates.

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