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Are spax screws corrosion resistant?

The use of stainless steel for these screws makes them highly corrosion-resistant. This allows for their use outdoors. To accompany the SPAX product range with the SPAX T-STAR plus recess, they offer SPAX BITs T-STAR plus with colour coding, precisely fitting our screws.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, can spax screws be used outside?

SPAX® multi-purpose construction screws are the versatile fastening solution for a wide range of interior and exterior applications in multiple materials including wood, concrete, masonry, sheet metal, plastic and treated lumber.

what is Wirox coating? The coating that offers extremely good corrosion protection. The new and exclusive WIROX coating from SPAX offers better corrosion protection in the neutral salt-spray fog test than is required by standard for conventional bright zinc coating and it has a considerably higher surface hardness.

Correspondingly, what is a spax?

The Spax® Advantage SPAX® Multi-purpose Construction Screws and PowerLags® are engineered with “better” in mind. Their patented thread technology provides unmatched versatility, drive performance, and requires no pre-drilling – so you can get professional results faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.

What are spax screws?

Featuring patented thread serrations and 4CUT Point SPAX® Construction screws offer premium quality and performance for professional results in multiple materials. Our patented thread technology allows the screw to be driven faster, is easier to install, and reduces splitting in wood.

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