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Are sea nymph boats still made?

Sea Nymph ended production as a distinct boat brand in 1999, but the name continued usage for years within the Lowe boat line-up.

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Beside this, who Makes Sea Nymph boat?

Lowe Boats is the parent company of Sea Nymph Boats, a manufacturer of aluminum fishing boats established in 1946. Carl and Dianna Lowe took control of the company in 1971, calling it Lowe Line. The name was changed to Lowe Boats in 1980.

Secondly, how much weight can a 12 foot aluminum boat hold? 900 lbs on a 12 foot boat is'nt even close.

Also, where are Crestliner boats manufactured?

Located in Otsego, Minn., Crestliner boats and pontoons are crafted with an uncompromising mix of functional design, all-welded aluminum construction and a relentless commitment to excellence. Since 1946, Crestliner has been making boats forged with strength and defined by durability.

Who makes suncruiser pontoons?

Started in 1990 as a family recreational watercraft provider, Suncruiser Pontoons operated when Lowe Boats was owned by Outboard Marine Corporation. Suncruiser Pontoons constructed vessels ranging from 18 to 28 feet in length. In 1999, Suncruiser Pontoons business was integrated into Lowe Industries.

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