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Are red sunflowers natural?

Annual sunflowers (Helianthus annus) are sturdy plants, valued for the cheerful blooms that appear in summer and fall. Traditionally, sunflowers are bright yellow with brown centers, but varieties include shades of bright yellow, copper, red, brown, orange and bi-colored.

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Herein, are red sunflowers real?

The reason that the red sunflower is so special is that that it does not occur in the wild. The red sunflower is a result of breeding flowers so that they will gain unique and dramatic ornamental qualities. Dwarf red sunflowers are also available that grow in a bush-type planting and are only 20 - 24 inches high.

Furthermore, do sunflowers have different colors? Annual sunflowers have been bred to grow beyond the standard sunny yellow blooms, with a new range of colors from golden yellow, orange, and ruby red, to bronze and even white. There are branching varieties with multiple flower heads as well as dwarf cultivars that reach only 1 to 2 feet tall.

One may also ask, do pink sunflowers exist?

Sunflower 'Ms. Mars' sunflowers are a new and unusual merlot color. The petals, leaves and even the stems are a dark red-purple. As the blooms open, they become lighter pink at the tips. The plants grow 20 to 30 inches tall and love full sun.

Are white sunflowers real?

But a pure white sunflower is a true milestone. ProCut White Lite is a new white sunflower variety with a light green to pale yellow center. “White is a revolutionary color in the sunflower world,” Heaton said in a news release. The two new varieties are named ProCut White Nite and ProCut White Lite.

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