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Are pigeon peas and lentils the same?

Pigeon Pea (also known as tropical green pea, Hindi: toor, Gujarati: tuver), is a beige lentil with a yellow interior. This is the most important pulse in a Gujarati household. The fresh peas are highly prized and used for curries and stuffing in spicy handpies.

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In respect to this, is there another name for pigeon peas?

The pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan), also known as pigeonpea, red gram or tur, is a perennial legume from the family Fabaceae.

One may also ask, what is the difference between beans and lentils? The main difference between lentils and beans is that lentils are smaller and flat disk-like whereas beans are large and oval or kidney-shaped. Further, lentils are biconvex seeds whereas beans are seeds that grow in long pods. Lentils and beans are legumes that grow inside a pod. They are rich in proteins.

Additionally, can you substitute split peas for lentils?

Split pea soup doesn't cook up like or taste like lentils but it is quite good. Split peas are the inside part of a pea, shells already taken off, so they don't need to cook nearly as long as lentils, remember that.

Are pigeon peas considered beans?

Pigeon peas are tasty legumes that are popular in Indian, Caribbean and African cooking, and make a healthy addition to any meal. They have a rich nutty flavor and provide protein, B-complex vitamins, and minerals, including potassium.

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