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Are magnetic clasps safe?

These magnetic clasps are both very secure and easy to use. They are an ideal solution if you have difficulties using clasps due to arthritis. The magnetic clasp can be easily connected to any necklace or bracelet that has a traditional claw and loop clasp.

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Consequently, is it safe to wear a magnetic necklace?

Yes, magnets are safe. Even very powerful magnets haven't been observed to cause any harmful effects. A small necklace magnet wouldn't even be able to exert a strong enough force on the heart or thoracic region to cause any significant harm.

Additionally, how do magnetic clasps work? Magnetic clasps are held together by very strong magnets. They are easy to hook together because the magnets are attracted to each other, but they won't come apart easily because the magnets are so strong. This ensures you will have beautiful, functional designs that will stay secure.

Also to know is, are toggle clasps secure?

Toggle clasps are widely used to secure bracelets and anklets, but jewelry artisans also incorporate them into their necklace designs. They are available in numerous sizes and designs. Toggle clasps are not as secure as clasps that have a lock-type closure.

What is a safety clasp?

Jewelry safety clasps are in the category of jewelry findings. You'll find safeties in bracelets, watches, necklaces, and pins and they are used to provide extra security to the closure. Often they are used to supplement a main clasp and other times they are used to protect the point of a pin.

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