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Are Listerine tabs safe to swallow?

I can't swallow mouthwash? Unlike LISTERINE® mouthwashes, which may contain alcohol and other ingredients not intended for ingestion, LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ are alcohol-free and safe to swallow. LISTERINE® mouthwash should always be used as directed, and that means spitting it out in the sink!

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Consequently, can swallowing mouthwash harm you?

If you happen to ingest a small amount of mouth rinse accidentally while you're gargling, it's not going to kill you. Chances are the most that may happen is that you'll feel a little nauseous and have a spell of diarrhea that will likely subside within a couple of hours.

how do you use Listerine Go tab? HOW TO USE LISTERINE GO! TABS: It's easy. Just remember these 3 simple steps

  1. Step 1 - Chew. Simply pop the tablet into your mouth and chew for about 10 seconds to activate.
  2. Step 2 - Swish. Go ahead and swish for 30 seconds, reaching all around your mouth.
  3. Step 3 - Swallow. Swallow the liquid and go!

Herein, do Listerine ready tabs kill germs?

And yes, it's 100% safe! Made out of food-grade ingredients and alcohol-free, the tabs were specifically formulated to ingest. This simple, quick action kills millions of bacteria that cause bad breath, in areas a toothbrush can't even reach, like the back of a tongue.

Is there a mouthwash you can swallow?

All mouthwashes can be swallowed, although some have alcohol (yes you can get drunk on Listerine). There are some mouthwashes you can swallow, although generally it's not a great idea. Generally the major concern with mouthwash is that many of them contain fluoride and alcohol.

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