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Are KD and Russ still friends?

Durant says he and Westbrook are still friends, but they no longer talk -- One of the storylines of interest around this time a year ago was how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would react in their first game against each other.

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Also, are Russ and KD friends?

Paul George says Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are 'buddies' again. At first, Westbrook had reportedly been “angry and hurt” that Durant not only left their eight-year partnership in OKC for Golden State, but that the 2014 NBA MVP didn't even call to inform Westbrook directly of his decision.

Furthermore, what did kd say to Westbrook? When asked about how his relationship with Westbrook has progressed, Durant said, "Well I just got outta my own head, got out of my own ways and stopped thinking it was even a thing.

Subsequently, one may also ask, are Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still friends?

The friendship between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook may never again be as strong as it was when they were both on the Thunder, but it appears to have improved greatly since Durant stunned all of Oklahoma City, and his former all-star teammate in particular, by defecting to the rival Warriors in 2016.

Why did Kevin Durant leave Oklahoma?

The general consensus is that Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors during the summer of 2016 because he no longer wanted to play with Russell Westbrook.

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