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Are gum trees native to New Zealand?

Eucalyptus fossils in New Zealand – the thin end of the wedge. Eucalyptus (aka 'gum-tree') is the quintessential Australian tree. There are about 700 species of them today (depending on who you ask), all of them restricted to Australia, except for a couple that are in New Guinea.

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Furthermore, are there gum trees in New Zealand?

Gums. Gums have been grown in New Zealand since the mid-1880s. There are about 160 species in New Zealand, but only a few have shown real promise as timber trees suitable for farm woodlots.

Subsequently, question is, what is the most common tree in New Zealand? Kāmahi is probably New Zealand's most common tree.

Moreover, what trees are native to New Zealand?

New Zealand native trees by botanical names: R – Z

  • Ackama rosifolia (Makamaka) Agathis australis (Kauri)
  • Beilschmiedia tawa (Tawa) Brachyglottis bidwillii (Thick-Leaved Shrub Groundsel)
  • Coprosma obconica. Coprosma parviflora (Leafy coprosma)
  • Coprosma repens (Taupata)
  • Coprosma rugosa (Needle-leaved mountain coprosma)

Are pine trees native to New Zealand?

Not only are pine forests a haven for common New Zealand native plants, they are home to a number of endangered or threatened species. Probably the most fascinating plants to be found in New Zealand's pine forests, however, are the native orchids.

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