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Are Duracell car batteries good?

The Advanced DA62 car battery from Duracell is a decent model that offers good capacity, cold cranking amps and great performance. Despite its affordable price tag it offers an exceptional durability that allows it to outlive most of its competitors.

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Thereof, how long do Duracell car batteries last?

A fully charged Duracell battery can be stored for around 12 months (at 20°C) without recharging.

Also, which brand is the best car battery?

  • DieHard Batteries. Sears marketed DieHard batteries that are considered one of the best car battery brand these days.
  • Odyssey.
  • NAPA.
  • Kirkland.
  • Optima.
  • AC Delco.
  • Duralast.
  • EverStart.

Similarly, who makes Duracell automotive batteries?

the Procter & Gamble Company

Is interstate a good battery?

Interstate Batteries is one of the oldest makers of batteries for automotive use. For the money, Interstate and Exide batteries are the best batteries on the market for the car owner who doesn't make huge power demands on a car battery, with average prices of between $50 and $75.

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