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Are cove heaters safe?

Safety in placement
Cove heating units are installed on the wall near the ceiling, safely away from children or furnishings. Cove heaters are flameless. There are no fumes or soot generated, and no hazardous fuels are brought into your home or building.

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Also question is, is Cove heating expensive?

At approximately 1/8 the cost of in-floor systems, Comfort Cove® are low cost heaters. Comfort Cove® heaters are also less expensive than radiant ceiling drop-in panel systems. Installation cost per square foot is the best dollar-for-dollar value in the industry.

Similarly, what is a cove heater? The alCove Series cove heater provides warmth from above. A space-saving radiant heater that also produces convection heat by heating the air similar to a baseboard. The cove heater is mounted near the ceiling, eliminating furniture placement problems.

Also to know, is infrared heaters safe?

Infrared Heaters Are Safe It makes you feel hotter than if you were standing in the shade. Objects, including people, absorb this heat through our clothing and skin – causing us to feel warm. It's a safe, natural process. Other heaters heat the air around us instead.

Can infrared heaters cause fires?

Because infrared heaters do not use fossil fuels such as kerosene or propane, these heaters don't emit pollutants such as carbon monoxide, and will not cause fires and explo- sions due to a flammable fuel source.

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