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Are cinder blocks heat resistant?

Outdoor Fireplace Construction
When you build an outdoor fireplace, you use concrete blocks as support and protection for the overall structure of the unit, though the actual fireplace contains little or no concrete, because concrete blocks offer inferior heat resistance when compared to materials like bricks.

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Furthermore, are cinder blocks fireproof?

Concrete Block construction provides durability,fire resistance and thermal mass which adds to energy efficiency. Concrete block also provide high resistance to sound penetration.

Likewise, will cinder blocks explode in a fire pit? No, generally speaking cinder blocks will not explode when exposed to the kind of heat fire pits put out (river rocks will though, check out our article). However, you might find that pavers or fire bricks are a better option for the long term.

Secondly, how hot can cinder blocks get?

But heat them to over 392 F (200 C), and high-performance concretes become vulnerable. They can even explode, sending chunks of concrete shooting away from the main block.

What temperature can bricks withstand?

1,800 degrees Fahrenheit

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