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Are Blue Star Donuts vegan?

Blue Star Donuts. Check out our new VEGAN cake donuts, Hawthorne!! Blueberry-Bourbon-Basil and Cinnamon-Vanilla Sugar are pure vegan, Dulce-de-Leche is faux-vegan*

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Likewise, how much is a blue star donut?

Blue Star's doughnut is a plump, pillowy ring of brioche dough the size of a Costco muffin, fried slightly crisp on the outside. It costs $2.50-$3, depending on which of the sticky glazes you choose (chipotle chocolate ganache is a winner; blueberry bourbon basil is more of an acquired taste).

Additionally, where did Blue Star Donuts originate? France

Hereof, how much is a dozen donuts at Blue Star?

$40 per dozen! :-) - Blue Star Donuts.

Are pips donuts vegan?

Pip's Original Doughnuts shared a photo. These donut holes from our friends Bigwig Donuts are vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo and totally tasty!

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