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Are blackberries an invasive species?

In some parts of the world, such as in Australia, Chile, New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest of North America, some blackberry species, particularly Rubus armeniacus (Himalayan blackberry) and Rubus laciniatus (evergreen blackberry), are naturalised and considered an invasive species and a serious weed.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, are all blackberries invasive?

Blackberry is considered a serious environmental threat and is highly invasive. It can provide harbour and a food source for pest species, as well as serve to outcompete and eliminate other vegetation by excluding light from the soil surface.

Similarly, why is Himalayan blackberry invasive? The plant has become invasive, growing and spreading rapidly. It's considered to be a noxious weed because it harms the environment. The plant may change the local ecosystem. It forms dense thickets which crowd out many native plants and prevent shade-intolerant plants from growing.

Considering this, are blackberries native to Washington?

Trailing blackberry (Rubus ursinus) is a native species of blackberry in Washington that is smaller, generally grows along the ground, has narrow prickly stems instead of stout, start-shaped or ridged canes, and has only three narrower leaflets instead of five rounded leaflets like Himalayan blackberry.

Are thornless blackberries invasive?

Blackberries can be invasive weeds. Thornless blackberries are far more manageable. The fruit is just as tasty as the wilder thorny varieties, but the plants are much less vigorous and genuinely thorn free.

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