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Are beans and potatoes a complete protein?

A vegetarian diet based on any single one or combination of these unprocessed starches (eg, rice, corn, potatoes, beans), with the addition of vegetables and fruits, supplies all the protein, amino acids, essential fats, minerals, and vitamins (with the exception of vitamin B12) necessary for excellent health.

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Also know, what to eat with beans to make a complete protein?

Combinations include:

  1. Nuts or seeds with whole grains (peanut butter on whole wheat toast)
  2. Whole grains with beans (beans and rice; hummus and pita bread; bean-based chili and crackers; refried beans and tortillas)
  3. Beans with nuts or seeds (salad with chickpeas and sunflower seeds)

do beans and bread make a complete protein? Complete proteins contain all of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts. When grains and legumes are eaten together (such as rice and beans or peanut butter on whole wheat bread), they form a complete protein.

People also ask, do potatoes have complete protein?

Surprisingly, potatoes offer a complete protein if you eat enough, over 10 per day.

What foods are complete proteins?

Complete protein. A complete protein or whole protein is a food source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet. Examples of single-source complete proteins are red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt.

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