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Are artichokes a flower?

The artichoke is a thistle, meaning part of the daisy family. It is technically a wild flower. Each little layer we eat is a flower bud that has yet to bloom.

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Herein, can you eat flowering artichokes?

The artichoke bud can be eaten as a vegetable after flowering, it's virtually inedible. If you're growing artichokes for their flower or simply leave a few large buds on the plant to bloom, beware of volunteer plants the following season!

One may also ask, what part of artichoke is poisonous? Peeled and cooked artichoke stems are fully edible. Eating the hairy choke can cause a choking hazard. Baby artichokes are completely edible. Enjoy both the leaves and choke.

Correspondingly, what does an artichoke look like when it blooms?

Globe artichoke is an heirloom vegetable grown for its tender, edible flower buds. With their large, silvery-green leaves and thick stems topped with pinecone-like flower buds, artichoke plants add a strong architectural element to vegetable garden plantings.

Can artichokes be grown in pots?

Growing artichokes in containers is easy—provided the container is large enough. Artichokes have large root systems, and need a large soil volume—or a rich potting soil in a smaller volume, and much more frequent watering—to form heavy, solid buds.

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