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Are aluminum cans safer than plastic bottles?

Aluminum cans are recycled more often than plastic bottles, too—the rate for 2016 was about 50 percent. Overall, both aluminum and plastic are bad for the environment. But if you want to keep your carbon footprint to a relatively respectable size, go with aluminum.

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Also asked, are aluminum cans better than plastic bottles?

The Environmental Protection Agency says aluminum cans have about 68 percent recycled content compared to just 3 percent for plastic bottles in the United States. As a result, aluminum is widely seen as the better choice for the environment.

Subsequently, question is, are aluminum cans eco friendly? New aluminum cans are not eco-friendly. Glass should be your pick if recycled cans are not an option. Glass bottles are made from relatively innocuous raw materials and are, like aluminum cans, completely recyclable.

Also know, how bad are aluminum cans for the environment?

The Bottom Line Mining and refining bauxite and smelting aluminum is immensely energy intensive, uses large amounts of water, and generates air, water, and soil pollution. Making aluminum is harmful to the environment and the people who live near mining, refining, or smelting operations.

Is drinking from aluminum cans safe?

It concluded that current exposure to BPA through packaging did not pose a health risk to the general population. “Unless you're drinking dozens of cans of soda a day, the likelihood of aluminum exposure is very low.

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