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Are all factories in China sweatshops?

China has some of the biggest high-tech factories in the world that are the opposite of a sweatshop, but might be right next to factories that pay very low wages and give workers very poor food in the canteen.” Workplace standards can vary by province and region, for instance.

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Also question is, does China still have sweatshops?

In China, a developing country that is known to be a hub for sweatshops due to relaxed labor laws, high population and low minimum wage, the minimum wage is set to be raised by approximately 7% in 10 provinces by the end of 2018.

Also, are Chinese factories ethical? Working conditions in Chinese factories have been on an upward trajectory, according to Keegan Elmer, a labor researcher at the Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin, an organization that supports workers' movements in China. But that's not to say they are universally ethical.

Also Know, how many factories are in China?

According to the China Statistical Yearbook for year 2015, China had 2,801,143 factories. There was no breakdown as to size and type. So China has more than 10 X the number of factories than the U.S.

Does Apple run sweatshops in China?

Technically, Apple doesn't operate manufacturing facilities in China. Instead, the company partners with other companies, like Foxconn, to produce its devices. That said, Apple's partners, and therefore Apple, have at times been criticized for poor working treatment.

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