Analysts: PC manufacturers "concerned" about MacBook Air M2

Analysts: PC manufacturers “concerned” about MacBook Air M2

Apple’s best-selling notebook by far will be getting an update very soon: The MacBook Air M2, which was presented at the beginning of June, will be ready to order in a few days and should then be delivered in mid-July. According to one report, this is causing a stir in the PC scene: The market for Windows notebooks, which is currently weakened anyway, could be “negatively affected”, writes an electronics trade journal that has a pulse on manufacturers in Asia.

In June, Apple announced both the MacBook Pro 13 M2 – which is technically rather unspectacular and is now commercially available – and the MacBook Air M2. There is still no release date for the latter, the manufacturer had only roughly named “July” as the release. However, large parts of the rumor mill believe that orders for the MBA M2 will start soon. The new machine comes in an updated form factor in the style of the MacBook Pro M1 Max and M1 Pro and will also be available in new colors, including an unusual shade of blue for Macs. Since the previous M1 model retained the ancient design from Apple’s Intel era, there is likely to be a backlog of demand.

As the specialist newspaper DigiTimes, which appears in Taiwan, now writes, Wintel manufacturers are internally concerned that the new MBA could disrupt the market. Due to the price point of the MBA M2, it could displace “other high-end notebooks”. Apple’s innovations, including the faster M2 processor, the improved webcam and the revised housing are enough to attract customers who can also cope with Apple’s price increase.

The presentation of the new MacBook Air M2 also falls into a general phase of weakness in the PC industry. Due to inflation and other economic factors, less money is currently being put into the hands of both home users and companies. At the same time, the general mood among customers is in the basement.

Apple, on the other hand, could even use the situation because the MBA has a prominent position in the market. It is – at least by Apple standards – relatively cheap (starting at 1500 euros). The changed form factor and the chip, which has been accelerated by around 18 percent, should do the rest. However, it is still unclear how many of the devices Apple can actually deliver. After the long lockdown in some Chinese regions, production could start more slowly than hoped, which would then lead to extended distribution times. Anyone interested in the machine should order in good time. Apple has warned of availability issues this quarter.

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