All German WordPress Blogs 2022 –

All German WordPress Blogs 2022

Anyone who uses WordPress naturally wants to stay up to date and is happy about good sources of information. There is a list of German-language blogs on the subject of WordPress.

In the past, the publication of lists of the best German WordPress blogs was not uncommon. In the meantime, corresponding blog collections are hardly ever updated, let alone newly created, and Google usually finds lists whose entries are sometimes so old that the blogs listed are either hardly active or even completely orphaned or no longer exist. That is why we have created a list of German blogs that focus on WordPress that is as up-to-date and complete as possible.

If you know of a WordPress blog that we have not listed here, we look forward to hearing from you.

German WordPress Blogs

German-language blogs that focus primarily on the topic of WordPress and are currently active. This means that new posts are published at least every few months.

Our top 3

The three WordPress blogs we visit most regularly. This is a subjective selection and should not mean that these are necessarily better than the other German WordPress blogs.


Nele and Finn are full-time bloggers and run a very successful family blog. In addition, the two regularly publish detailed articles on WordPress on The collection of articles on the GDPR is particularly noteworthy.


WordPress blog: Elmastudio

The two WordPress designers Ellen and Manuel have been blogging regularly on about all relevant WordPress topics for a long time. The content is usually also suitable for beginners.

3. WP Ninjas by Jonas Tietgen

WordPress Blog: WP Ninjas

Jonas Tietgen has been running a WordPress-oriented blog called WP Ninjas for quite some time. Jonas produces a WordPress podcast and offers WordPress-related services.

More active German WordPress blogs

The following blogs are also excellent sources of information when it comes to WordPress. The order is random and says nothing about our rating of these German-language blogs.

  • Vladimir Simovic is a real WordPress veteran. He has been publishing articles on WordPress on for over 14 years. You can also subscribe to a corresponding newsletter.
  • Raidboxes is a very good Germany-based hoster specializing in WordPress, who also runs a WordPress-focused blog. Approximately one or two articles appear per week.
  • Elbnetz offers various WordPress-related services and publishes an article about WordPress every one to two weeks.
  • WP Letter is actually a regular WordPress newsletter, but all issues can also be read directly on the website.
  • Articles are also regularly published in the Pressengers WordPress blog and there is already a large pool of very informative tests, instructions and tips.
  • On Blog Your Thing, the Austrian Janneke Duijnmaijer explains how to set up your own blog and offers the corresponding services.
  • Peer Wandinger is busy in the field of online marketing and still regularly publishes articles about blogging and often directly about WordPress on with the subtitle “Tips and instructions for your blog”.
  • The Netzialisten Kirsten Schelper and Elisabeth Hölzl have been publishing irregular but substantial articles on WordPress for over 5 years.
  • The chief blogger mainly publishes articles on the subject of online and marketing. There are also often articles specifically about WordPress plugins.
  • WP Bistro is run by Michaela Steidl. However, things have calmed down a lot on her blog now, while her WordPress Facebook group is very active.
  • Fast WP used to be a classic blog but has now turned into more of a comprehensive information site on everything to do with WordPress performance.
  • KrautPress: The WordPress Community Magazine: Here a team of authors publishes information about WordPress and especially about WordCamps or Meetups. The articles tend to be aimed at the more advanced user.
  • Conterest: Sven Lennartz blogs here more generally about blogging, but of course there are also various articles about WordPress. He is one of the founders of the German language website Dr. Web and the English language Smashing Magazine. Here is an interview with him.
  • The WP agency also runs an in-house WordPress blog, in which new articles appear only irregularly.
  • Sandra Messer has been publishing articles for a long time and offers various products and services related to WordPress.
  • In the kulturbanause blog by Jonas Hellwig, who runs his own web design agency, articles for advanced users appear.
  • Kristina Marino likes to support others in building a blog and publishes her WordPress articles on Blogging with a Concept
  • Martina Honecker sees herself as an SEO Coach & Online Business Mentor and writes irregularly on Fit for Your Online Business on WordPress topics.
  • According to its own statements, Blog Wings Magazine offers “exciting articles about blogging” and this also includes some extensive WordPress articles.
  • In the blogger guide, the Austrian Barbara Fürlinger writes articles on the topic of successful blogging, divided into the experience levels “beginner” and “advanced”.

Falling Asleep German WordPress Blogs?

During our research, we came across some blogs that seem to have gone dormant or orphaned within the last 12 months.

  • Bastian Ebert published his last article on blog optimization in early 2018 and seems to have been in pause mode since then. So we weren’t quite sure if we would still consider the blog active.
  • Michelle Retzlaff of HootProof published articles on WordPress fairly regularly from 2015-2017. That no longer seems to be the case.

Magazines with WordPress Articles

We have included classic blogs with a focus on WordPress and blogging in our list. However, there are also two large German-language magazines that deal with more overarching topics such as web design, publishing on the web and online marketing and also publish good articles about WordPress.

Slightly different focus…

During our research, we noticed a few websites that are geared towards WordPress-related topics such as blogging or online marketing, but which, in our opinion, publish too few articles directly on WordPress to include them in our list.

  • On Plötzlich-Selbstä, Robert Fischer regularly publishes articles on the topics of self-employment, blogging, marketing and programming. While WordPress isn’t his main topic, his blogger essentials series: Everything you need to know as a blogger is worth reading, as is his occasional WordPress programming tips.
  • In the writing workshop there are of course many articles on the subject of writing. There is also some blogging, but WordPress is rarely the topic.
  • Walter Epp der Schreibsuchti also offers his services to bloggers or those who want to become one and publishes the appropriate articles.
  • Anne Häusler’s blog also focuses on the topic of “successful blogging”, while WordPress is only mentioned marginally.
  • Katharina Lewald is happy to support others in setting up an online business with digital products and publishes a lot on this topic – here too there are only a few articles directly related to WordPress.
  • Jutta Beyer’s blog accompanies others on their way to becoming a successful brand and touches on the topic of WordPress in a few articles.
  • Caroline Preuss is dedicated to social media marketing and blog coaching. However, your blog does not contain any articles directly related to WordPress.

There was once …

Blogs that offered good content, but unfortunately are no longer active or at least no longer operated on the subject of WordPress.

  • This is where the German WordPress veteran Frank Bültge ran his well-known WordPress blog. Meanwhile there are only a few links to current projects to marvel at.
  • Chimpify was previously operated under the name “Monkey Blog” and has now devoted itself entirely to online and content marketing.
  • DECKERWEB: Significantly, the last entry from July 2015 is an article entitled “WordPress Burnout”
  • Seems to be orphaned since 2016.
  • At the former address of the official German WordPress blog, only the WordPress forum can now be reached.
  • – My WordPress Magazine has not published any new articles since 2015.

If you are still missing a German WordPress blog, just write us a message. It is important that the blog is currently being actively operated – i.e. new articles about WordPress appear regularly and more than a handful of articles are already online.

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