9 creative WordPress themes for small businesses

Anyone who is supposed to build a website for a company will very likely use WordPress and often buy and adapt a theme instead of implementing a page completely on their own. WordPress is an excellent platform and the selection of templates is breathtaking, but this is also where the problem lies: Not only has it become incredibly difficult to keep track of things, but more and more templates are very similar to one another. In addition, there is often a wealth of functions that look good in the template preview, but make no sense to the customer and are missing. Accordingly, many of the templates whose design is reminiscent of the website of a DAX company are simply not needed for small companies. Especially when the customer “just wants a simple website”.

So we’ve picked out a few templates that are perfect for small businesses, are creative and innovative, and you can’t go wrong with them. It’s important to get away from the classic categories: Just because a theme shows the example of a construction company in the preview and is called “Construction”, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be used for a law firm.

The Practice by ThemeFuse

Simple and intended for law firms, the design can be easily adapted for other purposes and guarantees a professional appearance.

The Practice theme

Here is the template.

Interact by ThemeFuse

A layout with attention to detail that is ideal for small and medium-sized companies.

Interact Agency Theme
Here is the template

Momentum by ThemesKingdom

Beautifully designed WordPress theme that is great for small and medium sized businesses. The design is simple and serious.

Momentum WordPress template
Link to ThemesKingdom

Brainguys by Bebel

A bit of self-promotion is necessary, as we are currently making WordPress templates for small and medium-sized companies. Brainguys is great for law firms and small businesses.

Brainguy's template

Click here for Brainguys

.biz by Bebel

This innovative theme for small companies that want to have a creative website is also from Bebel.

.biz WordPress theme

Here goes to .biz

Construction by WPCharming

A theme that specializes in construction companies, but with a fancy logo and other changes it can also become a law firm and other company website.

Construction Companies WordPress Template

Here goes to Construction

Renovation by Progression Studios

Similar to Construction, this theme can also be easily customized and used for other purposes. The design is fresh and professional – a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

WordPress theme renovation

Here is the template

Organic by YOO Themes

A chic, simple and yet innovative design that is also great for other than the advertised case studies.

Organic WordPress theme

Here is the theme

Eat by Yoo Theme

This theme is also ideal for small and medium-sized companies. The design is clear and serious.

Eat for WordPress

Here is the theme

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