6 WordPress features to drive more website visitors

November 5, 2021

We show 6 WordPress features that you may not know yet

In this article, we will introduce you to six WordPress functions that you may not yet be familiar with, but that will make your everyday use of WordPress easier. The following is a short excerpt from our last WordPress training course.

WordPress is a great tool for creating and managing your own website. Regardless of whether your website is for personal or business purposes, WordPress offers dozens of features that allow you to design your website exactly the way you want it. Many of these functions are very easy to use, even for inexperienced or new users. With the sheer volume of options and possibilities that WordPress offers you, it can be difficult to get an overview. That’s exactly why we’re introducing you to some of the features, because some of these features aren’t very widespread in the WordPress community yet.

You will be able to drive more visitors to your website through various WordPress features, increase your conversion rate and at the same time optimize your site for SEO. We will also give you technical tips, for example fast-editing tricks or tips for installable plugins.

1. Fast editing – fast editing

No matter what you use your WordPress CMS for, chances are you publish some form of content on a regular basis. Whether you’re uploading articles, blogs, or other posts, you’ll likely need to make some slight edits from time to time. Unfortunately, it can be quite exhausting to open the entire post and scroll through to find specific areas that need editing.

So we have a tip for you on how to do this faster and easier: you can simply do a “quick edit” by hovering over the post you want to change. This is the most convenient way to change categories, tags, titles and other release information.

2. SEO Plugins

When choosing an SEO plugin for your website, there are several very reliable options. One of the best, in our opinion, is the Ahrefs plugin. This tool will help you improve your website’s visibility in many ways.

One of the most important functions of the Ahrefs plugin for business and your business page is keyword research and monitoring keyword rankings. For example, let’s say your company installs aluminum skylights. This plugin allows you to research terms and other keywords related to “roof windows”. You can then use the research findings to improve your local SEO rankings.

3. Image editing

Of course, WordPress not only contains content, but also images. But did you know that WordPress has its own built-in image editor? Many website operators do not know this yet. That’s why we offer the opportunity to get to grips with this tool at every WordPress training course.

The built-in photo editing features are a real benefit for website owners looking to improve the quality of their images. As we keep mentioning in our SEO workshops, image quality is a key factor in the success of a website website or one online shops. The image editor will save you many hours of work and even make you more independent from external graphic designers to a certain extent.

4. Sticky Posts

Sticky posts are a trendy but underused feature in WordPress. For those who don’t know what a sticky post is, a sticky post is formatted to stay on your homepage or other landing pages of your website. This can be, for example, appeals for donations, seasonal information or important news that should remain visible for a while. Because normally, posts are published in the chronological order of your other live posts and “overlaid” by newer posts.

This tool is for posts that you don’t want to be covered over by newer posts when they’re published. You can find this important feature in publish mode under the post visibility edit menu on the right.

5. Undo unwanted edits

In order to improve your posts or SEO ranking, you probably revise them frequently. Of course, you’ll like some of the changes better than others. If you find that a particular change isn’t working or is producing the desired result, you may want to undo it. Thanks to the revision history, which you can find in the publishing tab, you can reset everything back to how it was before.

The change history makes it much safer and easier for you to experiment with smaller changes to see how they affect your site and SEO ranking. If you don’t like the result of your changes, don’t worry because you have the option to undo them.

6. Split posts

If you keep most of your posts about the same length, your audience will appreciate the clarity. However, some topics are more complex than others and therefore longer than others – especially professional articles.

If a post is too long for you, you can split it into multiple pages or posts. This way you avoid endless scrolling and improve the readability of your content. If you want to split a post, select the breakpoints and type. This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

That was a small excerpt from our WordPress workshops. We hope that there was one or the other here that you didn’t know yet and that will help you in your daily work with WordPress. Always remember: If you are looking for a good CMS with lots of great features, you will be amazed by WordPress. Whether you blog about your day-to-day life or run a small business, WordPress offers you a lot of possibilities that you can use for your site!

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