6 reasons why WordPress plugins aren’t free [Rant]

A WordPress website costs money

And not so little if you have them professionally designed. The photographer demands money, the copywriter, the web developer. Professional performance doesn’t come for free.

WordPress only, isn’t that free?

This thought is anchored in many minds and that is why WordPress is often recommended. Many customers are then surprised that one or the other plugin is not available for free after all. The following annual expenses are usually not expected:

The result is usually great astonishment.

There are good reasons why plugins and themes for WordPress MUST cost money:

Reason 1: Because programming yourself would take a lot more time

Programming takes time. Much time. Much more time than you can imagine. In addition, the time often cannot be precisely estimated. Some functions are programmed in a few minutes, while other technical challenges take hours to solve.

A “simple event plugin” for WordPress or a “simple job exchange” (both quotes from customers 😉 ) can be created really quickly with the right tool.

BUT! Then the customer comes and wants special functions. Like an Ajax search, filters, a calendar view, an application form and applicant management. And suddenly time, really a lot of time, flows into the project.

However, I buy one ready premium plugin and adjust this, then I save a lot of time. And with it costs.

Reason 2: Because customizing a free solution doesn’t make economic sense

But isn’t there “everything” in the form of free plugins?

I’ve had clients who spend hours installing various free plugins, try and delete again. Aside from catching junk data and security vulnerabilities, it also wastes a lot of time.

Of course, with your own projects it’s not a big issue how much time goes into it. My own website is also “hand-optimized” in some places and some small things took hours to adjust.

Just as a service provider, I can’t know all 55,000 free plugins, nor invest hours of time trying them out. In order to determine that a function is missing. Or the design doesn’t fit.

You’ll get a lot with professional, maintained premium plugins faster and therefore cheaper to your destination. It also makes more economic sense than testing plugins for hours.

Reason 3: Because you get support

If you buy a premium plugin* or premium theme*, you not only get the plugin file, but also the Possibility to contact the manufacturer.

This can be useful for setup problems, bugs with your WordPress installation or questions about functions. My experience is that with actively maintained premium plugins, the answer often comes within a few hours and the support tries to help.

at tricky problems the team members also log into your WordPress to analyze the error.

Sure, that too WordPress community is great and helps. There are great Facebook groups where beginners and advanced users alike can post their questions. But changes to the plugin itself can only be made by support.

Reason 4: Because plugins should be high quality

You have probably already had the experience that it is in the WordPress Plugin Repository countless plugins for the same problem are. But most of the plugins are useless, you will notice that shortly after installation.

This is because the author of the plugin solved the problem

  1. wanted to solve for himself
  2. solved
  3. the plugin released and then
  4. lost motivation.

Why further develop a plugin, answer questions and expand it when your own problem has already been solved?

The plugin still remains in the plugin repository.

Despite bad codes, missing features and/or security vulnerabilities.

So you see: It takes a lot of time to create high-quality plugins* that cover many functions and work without any problems. However, high-quality plugins will help you save time in the long run and keep your WordPress system secure.

Reason 5: Because you want to receive regular updates

The world is constantly evolving. WordPress Core releases new features, security holes are discovered or new browsers are released.

In many of these cases, one Adjustment of the plugins necessary. Otherwise you have an outdated plugin, which makes your WordPress vulnerable. Unmaintained or updated plugins are (after a weak password) the main cause of hacked WordPress installations.

So you want to get regular updates.

These updates must also someone programming, testing and making available.

This costs time and therefore money, which a programmer invests.

Reason 6: Because programmers also have families to support

Not all programmers are nerds who live only on cheap pizza and coke 😉 And even they need money to exchange for pizza and coke.

Just like you fairly rewarded for your work want to become, the programmer of a plugin also wants to feed his family.

But why don’t you want to spend money on it? Don’t you appreciate the achievement?

You run your site to make money, don’t you?

Your website should be worth (some) money to you…

The main problem that I see is that Stinginess is cool mentalitywhich unfortunately is becoming more widespread.

Do you operate your Website purely as a hobby, then ask yourself how much money you spend on other hobbies. Money you might not even think about.

You might also want those who develop safe plugins with great features for you once a year too Appreciation in the form of a small amount of money hand back?

If you are an entrepreneur, then you want to make money with your website. If you don’t give anything, why should others show you their appreciation in the form of money?

I often hear “I don’t know yet whether I will earn anything with my shop/my project/my website/my idea!” Well, that’s what it’s called “Investment” or. “Entrepreneurial Risk”. Be honest – is EUR 80 really a “risk” for you?

Next time you catch yourself doing it again waste of time looking for a free plugin to invest, pause for a moment:

  • Ask yourself if saving a few bucks is worth the time.
  • Think about what you get for the money (support, updates…).
  • Think of the programmer who created the perfect solution for you in a wonderfully complex environment!

And then – invest 🙂

Let’s just build websites


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