6 Best Voice Messages Plugins For WordPress / WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the best voicemail plugins for WordPress? Adding audio/video capabilities to your website can increase engagement. In this article, we have selected the best voicemail plugins for WordPress that you can try.

1. Pleasure in the text

Joy of Text is a free WordPress plugin for sending text and voice messages. This feature allows you to create groups that allow you to send voice memos to multiple clients with one click. You can add or remove members. You can also send SMS messages. Their language-friendly software simply converts your message into the customer’s language.

It’s integrated with WooCommerce, which means you can communicate with your customers about their purchases via voice messages. You can customize the voice message with tags for the customer’s name, number, etc.

Their paid version comes with more custom tags, integrations, threaded conversations, MMS support, and more.

2. SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe is an online service that allows visitors to your website to send voice messages from your website. They offer a WordPress voicemail plugin that connects your website to your SpeakPipe account.

You can easily receive voice messages from your visitors. All voice messages are automatically saved in your SpeakPipe account. The best part is that your users do will not You must create an account to send voice messages.

SpeakPipe is commonly used by podcasters and video hosts to capture viewer questions. This is how you can actually display a real user question in a podcast. (See our step-by-step guide on how to create a podcast with WordPress.)

3. Heyya

Heyoya is a free WordPress plugin for commenting and commenting. It allows your visitors to leave voice notes in your blog comments section. You can also display unlimited voice comments on your site. It helps in increasing user retention and improves SEO for your blog.

Heyoya uses rich media to easily support voice, video and text messaging. You can also post your customer reviews and voice comments on social media channels.

You can moderate comments in WordPress dashboard and view top voice messages on your blogs. They provide easy customizable tools to manage voice comment settings.

4. tube

Pipe is a WordPress plugin for video and audio recording. Your customers can easily record their messages on your website. You can manage the video and voice messages in your WordPress dashboard. It supports many popular formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV and more.

Pipe works well with all top WordPress themes. It also integrates with WordPress contact form plugins, allowing your visitors to attach a video message with the form. You can also embed video and audio messages in any WordPress post or page on your website.

5. Twilio

Twilio is a WordPress voice calling plugin. You can display a simple click to call button on your site. Your customers can connect with you by clicking the button. You have to enter their number in a form and Twilio will automatically connect your agent to the visitor.

It has simple settings to manage your calls. Twilio offers a paid version with additional features like callback for registered users, blacklist spammers, welcome messages and more.

Twilio integrates with WooCommerce to allow your customers to make phone calls from the product page while shopping on your online store.

6. Comet Chat

CometChat is a user service that connects different users on a website through features such as text chat, voice chat, and video chat. It is a paid service with a free trial account. They provide a WordPress plugin to connect your website to their servers.

It includes real-time text messaging, file sharing, group chat, stickers, emojis, screen sharing and more. You get a custom app to manage your customer’s calls, messages, and voice memos. You can embed it in a WordPress page or display it on your website in docked mode.

We hope this article helped you find the best voicemail plugins for WordPress. You may also want to check out our list of the best live chat support software for your WordPress site.

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