6 Best Plugins for Requesting Quotes on WordPress

Businesses based on services need to have clear and smooth communication with their customers. This not only improves a reliable connection between the seller and the buyer, but also allows the customer to participate.

In this list of plugins, we are going to share some of the best plugins that you can use to allow request for quotation in WordPress. But first, we need to explain why it’s important to use a Quote Request plugin.

Why Use a Request for Proposal Plugin?

Clients sometimes have different needs or requirements that they need to mention before going out and buying your services. Sometimes there is a chance that some services may sound expensive or require adjustments.

All the above situations make us believe that smooth communication should be established between buyer and seller. It eliminates the chances of something going wrong and eliminates the confusion between you and your customer.

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Imagine you own an online bespoke t-shirt store and people give you their designs for you to print. Now you cannot meet their needs and expectations without them telling you their requirements.

While some online stores ask their customers to email them and discuss the details, some companies release service packages for customers to choose from. These options can lead to further challenges.

  1. Disorganized data makes you shake your head. When your customers call or email you to request a quote, the data isn’t stored in an organized manner.
  2. Limited availability may cost some customers unless you work 24/7. One request An offer plugin helps you to receive and save all requests.
  3. Communication gaps can also cause problems in such cases where you need to ensure your customers and guarantee them the quality of your services. Clear communication from both sides helps the customer stay.

Let’s go ahead and compare the best Request A Quote plugins that you can use for your website.

Sliced ​​is a simple WordPress plugin that offers an invoicing system with plenty of handy features to help your customers create a quote.

This plugin collects the customer’s offer using a form that you can later use as a PDF of your offer to forward to your customer. All of this is done in WordPress and can be accessed from the dashboard.

The plugin allows you to add custom invoices. However, it comes with 3 quote and invoice templates that you can customize for further use. This helps you save the hassle of creating an invoice from scratch while allowing you to customize it using CSS.

You can add your business details and your logos to customize your offers and keep customers. For backend request for quotation, Sliced ​​Invoices is an amazing solution.

Ecommerce Product Catalog is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create amazing and responsive product catalogs for your online store. It helps establish fluent and clear communication between you and your customer.

With the help of the e-commerce product catalogue, your customers can request a quote for all your products or for the products they have selected. These products can also be categorized and filtered so that the customer ends up exactly where they want.

This plugin also works with all WordPress themes, so you don’t have to make unnecessary changes to your website. The plugin uses CSV to transfer data.

Request a quote for WooCommerce is a top notch and easy solution. The plugin allows your customers to submit potential offers in a shopping cart, just like a shopping cart.

With this plugin, the customer then receives estimates of the products they have selected. This plugin also offers the possibility to customize texts. You can create rules for specific products or categories. The customer can be redirected to another page after submitting a request for quotation using this plugin.

This helps retain your customers longer and keep them on your website. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution, Request a Quote for WooCommerce is the way to go.

Formidable Forms is a simple and awesome form builder for WordPress that allows you to collect all kinds of information from your customers. It is an all-in-one solution for the form builder.

Formidable Forms’ Quote Request calculates the customer’s quote and sends an email to the customer right after the quote is submitted.

The plugin’s drag-drop editing makes it easy for you to customize and make changes without hiring a developer. You can add numerous variable customizations to your form. This plugin can also be used for registration or subscription forms providing a smooth experience.

Wholesale Suite is a complete solution pack to create a request for quotation form for your WooCommerce store. Packed with Order Form and Prices Premium, it offers instant quotes for faster service.

The order form allows you to display your product catalog on one page. It is also mobile responsive and makes the products searchable. The plugin also allows you to show or hide products of your choice.

Prices Premium plugin allows you to set discounted wholesale prices or reserve prices or rules. You have more control and can decide how to sell your products or services.

WP Forms is the most popular form builder for WordPress. With this plugin you can create forms in minutes to receive any kind of information from your users or to request a quote.

The plugin comes with templates including a “Request a Quote” option. What’s more, WP Forms is a drag-drop builder, so you don’t need any additional coding or developers to get your work done.

WP Forms Conditional Logic feature searches for irrelevant and relevant content according to the user’s responses. This helps give users options that are relevant to them. If you have multiple quotes, you can add a drop-down menu or multi-select to allow users to select the field they want to request a quote for.

The plugin comes with several other amazing features and solutions, making it the most popular request for proposal plugin for WordPress.

That’s all for this tutorial from our side. We’d love to let you know which plugin works best for you in the comments. Join us on our Facebook and Twitter numbers to keep up to date with our future posts.

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