500 Internal Server Error on Avada and Strato Hosting

Error message related to the Avada V 6.2.3 theme. and 7.0.1 websites hosted by Strato

This notice affected Avada Theme versions 6.2.3 and 7.0.1 equally. To make it short, the necessary change was in the PHP configuration, not in the PHP version as expected, but in Strato’s own “PHP Boost” feature.

Website operators who use the Avada template with the above versions 6.2.3. and 7.0.1 and hosts the website at Strato may receive an Internal Server Error when creating or modifying posts. In our case, the page content could be edited normally.


After checking the standard sources of error such as checking memory limit, PHP Post Max Size, current PHP version here PHP 7.3. and the subsequent deactivation of plugins and theme – all step by step – the solution then lay with Strato in the so-called PHP Booster feature.

Anyone who has hosted the website with Strato should check the PHP settings to see whether the so-called PHP Boost feature is activated. The only thing that helped for us was disabling the PHP Boost feature, other users apparently had to switch to the PHP versions from 7.3. on 7.2. change, and then re-enable. Good to know!


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