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5 tips with STRATO

The world of WordPress hosting is big and quite complicated, especially at the beginning. It’s good to have a partner by your side right from the start to guide you step by step. STRATO offers you exactly that: A quick start without spending hours searching through forums. We’ll show you five tips on how STRATO will make it easier for you to get started.

A large proportion of all websites are now powered by WordPress. It therefore makes sense to choose a host that specializes in the content management system. What tips will help you set up your website or shop without help? We introduce you to five.

1. You can start immediately

Are you already working intensively on your project and now all you need is the right website? The setup may take a little longer and you’ll have to push your motivation back. With WordPress hosting from STRATO, you can let your creativity run free.

Because a cumbersome setup of the database and FTP access is no longer necessary. All you have to do is create your domain with your access data – and you’re good to go.

2. Find the right theme with the personal assistant

One of the first steps in setting up your website is choosing a theme. You have the choice between several thousand – so not that easy. STRATO’s personal assistant supports you with suggestions for themes that might suit you. Screenshots give you a direct idea of ​​what your website might look like.

The setup wizard will help you choose your theme. (Photo: STRATO)

These are only suggestions, of course you can still choose any WordPress theme.

3. 1-click test environment

If you still want to make changes to your chosen theme, you can easily test a new theme with the 1-click test environment without your readers noticing anything. Only when you are completely satisfied do you go live with the changes.

Incidentally, this not only applies to themes, but also to plugins or other changes to the code.

4. 1-click security

Which settings have to be made so that your website or shop is completely secure? Without the right know-how, something important is quickly forgotten. With STRATO’s 1-click security, you don’t have to worry.

WordPress Hosting STRATO Security

Security settings with just one click. (Photo: STRATO)

Because you activate the most important security settings with one click, such as your SSL certificate and renaming your WordPress login.

5. Automatic backups

Nothing is more annoying than a missing backup. Imagine: the design of your website is updated and suddenly nothing is where you originally placed it.

Thanks to STRATO’s automatic backups, the content of your database can be restored at any time.

WordPress hosting with STRATO

Convince yourself of the many features that STRATO offers you for your WordPress hosting. Choose the right package for your individual needs and start directly with your new website.

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