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20+ Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes for 2022

We have found that web hosting is the #1 technical element that impacts how user-friendly your ecommerce store will be and how easy it will be for customers to shop from you.

Why? This is pretty easy:

a slow host = slow website loading = customers waiting longer to see your products = customers getting frustrated that they have to wait = fewer sales

It really is that simple. But it’s getting worse. Imagine your server not working properly when the customer completes their purchase and makes a payment. At least they will be very stressed as they are not sure if the payment was successful or not. At worst, they will leave and never buy from you again.

So yes, your web hosting is perhaps the most important technical element that you need to get sorted out before getting serious about your business.

Here’s our in-depth look at the best hosting options for ecommerce stores running on WordPress.

  • If you don’t have the time to read the whole thing, our #1 recommendation is SiteGround. They offer all the features you need (including pre-installed WordPress and WooCommerce), they’re reliable, and they come at a very affordable price of $3.95 per month.
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