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19 Premium & Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Images create emotions and are an important part of every website. There are many ways to present images. Popular and proven solutions are Hero Images, sliders and galleries. The latter are particularly suitable when many images have to be displayed.

If you want to display more than 10 pictures at once, you can use one Image gallery an.A compact layout with several columns gives the visitor a good overview. So are mostly the same 10 or more images visible on one side. The individual images are shown in reduced form. The visitor can then send targeted images via lightbox or detail view view without having to click through all the pictures.

An alternative is suitable Slider with thumbnail bar. Here an image is displayed very large and the other images can be selected in the form of thumbnails. This solution also gives your visitors a good overview and control.

WordPress Gallery Plugins only

I’ve been aware of here WordPress gallery plugin limited. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS worldwide with a Market share of 61% in the content management systems. The selection of professional and free image gallery plugins.

If you already have one WordPress theme A plugin is the simplest solution to extend this. You don’t have to rebuild everything from scratch just because you want to add a gallery. But sometimes it can also make sense to get in touch right away new WordPress theme to look for a suitable gallery design.

Matching WordPress Theme for you:

You will find both premium and Free WordPress Gallery Plugin. The premium plugins range from $15 to $25. When selecting the gallery plugins, I placed particularly high value on the following factors:

  • Responsive web design and touch support for mobile devices
  • Good reviews and user reviews
  • Regular, free updates and support for you

Here are the best gallery plugins for you.

Conclusion – many display options

The variations to display images, references and elements are almost unlimited. A gallery with multiple columns and filters is rightly the most popular solution. Here the visitor has the best overview and the most control. For photographers, a larger display of the images is certainly a good alternative.

Which view and gallery do you like the most?

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