12 free WordPress plugins for a perfect website

12 free WordPress plugins for a perfect website

Imagine that your site suddenly disappears due to a stupid error or malware and all the content is gone or at least untraceable for the time being. I can tell you from my own experience that there are better things to do!

Due to an error with a plugin installation, I suddenly had the problem that all I could reach via my domain was a blank white page. Backend gone, frontend gone. That makes you sweat a lot at first, especially if, like me, you haven’t made a backup – i.e. a backup copy of the entire database. Fortunately, the problem was solved and the data wasn’t really gone either, but a backup can save you all the mental suffering in such a situation firstly (which is worth a lot in itself) and then of course a lot of work in an emergency.

Back then, I intuitively decided on the WP Database Backup plugin and have been happy with it so far. In the meantime, however, BackWPUp and UpdraftPlus are particularly recommended on the Internet. All three allow you to automatically create backups and save them in various clouds or send them via email. What more do you want?

FYI: many good providers automatically create backups for your site. In that case you don’t necessarily need such a plugin.

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