11 modern WordPress themes for your own web project

11 modern WordPress themes for your own web project

The selection of themes for your own website is so varied that you don’t even have an overview of all designs. The theme determines the visual appeal of your website and whether visitors stay on your website. No matter how good the content on your website, it will not be read if the theme is inappropriate or not appealing.

That’s why we’re now introducing you to the best themes for your own website in Part 1 of this series.


One of the best-known websites for a large selection of themes is ThemeForest. This platform has WordPress themes of every shape and color imaginable. Everyone will find their ideal theme here, regardless of whether they are bloggers or company websites.

Freelo WP – Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme

Freelo WP is a very creative theme that is particularly suitable for graphic designers. It is designed to be illustrative and pictorial. According to the description, the theme can be used as a blog, presentation, business card and many other creative forms of websites.

Freelo WP

the verses

The Verse offers various layout options with which you can create your own individual theme. The user can decide which of the many functions should be included in his theme. All layout options have a simple design with a black sidebar. Especially the eight blog styles to choose from are very promising. A possible layout could be the following example.

The Verse Theme WordPressthe verses

Say – A Personal HTML5 Blogging Template

Say is a theme that really lives up to its name because it really is very expressive. The website design is very tidy. The lower photo bar in particular looks very modern.

Say Theme WordPressSay Theme

Attyia – Creative NGO and Charity WordPress Theme

Attyia is a very clear theme that is very varied. With its detailed timeline, it is particularly suitable for complex topics. It might be too big for a normal blog.

Attya Theme WordPressAttyia

Template Monster

In addition to WordPress themes, TemplateMonster also offers Joomia templates, PrestaShop templates, Magento templates, Website templates, Responsive templates and Moto CMS templates.

Responsive Magento Theme for Apparel

The Responsive Magento Theme is particularly suitable for online shops and trade. It is kept very modern and simple, but above all the large photos give the theme a very special charm. This theme is enhanced with a so-called “Parallax” that gives the website a trendy style.

Magento Theme WordPressMagento theme

Web Design and Advertising Website Template

The Web Design Template is considered a bestseller among TemplateMonster’s themes and templates. With the large areas that are taken up by photos and are backed by photos, the template is very transparent and is particularly recommended for company websites.

Web design theme WordPressWeb design template

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes separates between different WordPress themes. From blogger themes to restaurant themes, Mojo has a huge selection for every user.

Banu’s Diary

Banu’s Diary is a very personal, but still a clean theme. It is a typical blogger theme and is characterized by its black and white style. Especially the change from black to white makes the website unique.

Banus Diary Theme WordPressBanu’s Diary


Another theme on Mojo Themes is Minimalist. This theme is really very minimalist as its name suggests, but with its icons and stats it offers freedom for bloggers and business websites.

Minimalist Theme WordPressminimalist


ThemeShift offers a smaller selection of themes, however, the themes are very innovative and original. The next theme demonstrates these innovations.


Juniper included multiple parallax effects and a one-page layout. The theme offers plenty of space for photos and text. The blog in particular is very clear and spacious. Juniper is suitable for a blog as well as for a company website. You have to keep in mind that the blog should be more photo-heavy than text-heavy in order to do justice to the theme.

Junipier Theme WordPressJuniper


decente is a very simple theme. With the selection of color buttons and the display options that the blog offers, there are no limits to the creativity of your personal implementation.

Decenter Theme WordPressminimalist


BranfordMagazine is a classic news theme. It can also be used as a blog. However, the design is increasingly reminiscent of an online news magazine. It is therefore also of interest to full-time journalists. However, it is already slightly outdated in its structure and layout.

Branford Theme WordPressBranford Magazine


There are many different themes that anyone can use to pimp their content. All themes are WordPress themes and responsive (optimized for mobile views on cell phones/smartphones). So don’t wait long and create your own web project. And if you already have a theme, but you are still missing the content, then let our article “Finding themes for your own affiliate projects – instructions” inspire you, or simply have the content written for you. Everything about the instructions for WordPress can be found in the article “WordPress: How do I register and where can I get themes from?” We wish you a lot of fun!

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