10 mobile games you can play offline

10 mobile games you can play offline

Regular problems with electricity and communications in Ukraine severely limit the choice of Ukrainians in terms of entertainment. But sometimes you want a little distraction to relax and give the psyche a rest. In this case, mobile games can help, because almost everyone has a smartphone these days.

And even though many of these video games require a constant connection to the Internet, in this selection we have collected only those works that can be played offline.

Alto’s Odyssey

Perhaps one of the best runners of all existing, since it takes only the basis from the genre with endless gameplay and movement. Indeed, in its essence, Alto’s Odyssey is more like a magical adventure, full of fabulous views and beautiful music.



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In the game, you need to explore the desert on a sandboarding board, in which there are enough treasures and dangers. Additionally, the characters (and there are several of them, with unique features) are able to perform tricks that increase the speed of movement for a short period. The right combination of tricks, acceleration and overcoming obstacles is the key to success in Alto’s Odyssey.

At the same time, the developers do not really force anything. Monetization here is not aggressive, something new regularly appears in the gameplay itself, the tests are interesting, but without excessive complexity. The perfect game to relax.

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Crossy Road

Frogger is a video game classic released in 1981. In it, you need to transfer the frog through numerous obstacles so that nothing kills it. The formula is so versatile and working that it has been used more than once in other games. And Crossy Road is the pinnacle of the development of Frogger ideas.

Here you also need to lead various animals through obstacles. There are a lot of the latter, because the poor little animals can drown, and cause an accident, and just get lost. The latter is interesting in particular, because each level can be considered as an unusual labyrinth for speed.

Therefore, in Crossy Road you need to constantly think, and as quickly as possible. The combination of the maze method with the runner is what makes the game so fun.

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Asphalt Nitro

The main Asphalt series is a very expensive and pretentious race in which something is constantly happening, so you can’t do without an Internet connection. But Asphalt Nitro was an exception to this rule. This is a somewhat lighter version of Asphalt, which, however, has not lost the main advantages of the “older” games.

Asphalt Nitro still has plenty of cool cars, interesting race tracks, and fast-paced chases that require the right combination of drift and acceleration to win. From a visual point of view, everything is quite simple, but it’s fun to play.

Download for Android and iOS

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The original Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most creative tower defense games, and the gameplay is extremely high quality. Plants vs. Zombies 2 moved to mobile platforms and, due to EA’s pragmatic desires, got a rather harsh monetization. However, the game mechanics here have only gotten better, so giving the second part a chance is worth it.

In Plants vs. Zombies 2 you still need to plant plants that can resist zombies. There are a lot of both the first and second ones in the game, so the space for all kinds of tactics and challenges is limitless here. And in order not to get bored at all, the heroes in Plants vs. Zombies 2 travel through different eras, which gives the game a special style.

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Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. from the very release attracted the attention of the players, because the concept of “destroy humanity with a virus” still looks quite unusual. And against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic, the game also gained immense relevance. Which only spurred the interest of the gaming community in it.

In the game, you need to modify your virus and follow the news around the planet in order to nullify all attempts of people to protect themselves. After the coronavirus, the opposite regime also appeared, where it is already necessary to save humanity from extinction.

Over the years of development at Plague Inc. added a lot of interesting features, so it will fit for hours of interesting gameplay.

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Another unusual take on the runner formula, which the authors of Badland crossed with a physical puzzle. The game requires the use of local creatures to advance through the linear levels. Creatures themselves can grow in size or split into several smaller copies.

With the help of these abilities, you need to activate the levers and punch your way further. The developers very competently use a relatively simple concept, gradually complicating it with additional factors. Because of this, the game does not get tired.

Download for Android and iOS

Games from Kairosoft

And here we have a number of games that are united by similar gameplay. Kairosoft specializes in the development of pixel management simulations in which you need to manage some kind of enterprise or place. The list includes a game studio, a film studio, all kinds of restaurants, a hotel, cities, and even a fantasy village.

In terms of gameplay, all games are approximately the same, so just choose what you like best. Kairosoft constantly produces very high-quality, but at the same time affordable management simulators in which you can disappear for dozens of hours.

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Grimvalor is a quality action-platformer that would look appropriate on “big” consoles. The fact that the game is available on Nintendo Switch also speaks for the level of quality. But it also looks solid on mobile platforms.

According to the plot, you need to free the kingdom of Vallaris from evil forces. To do this, you need to explore numerous locations, fight enemies and upgrade your character. Grimvalor has plenty of different weapons, and the battles evoke fond memories of the best parts of the Castlevania series.

Download for Android and iOS


The closest analogue of this game is No Man’s Sky. And this is already a compliment, given the scale of the latter. To implement something like this on mobile platforms is a great achievement.

So Morphite is also interesting to play. After all, this is a shooter that was combined with space exploration. The game also looks pretty thanks to the low-poly style.

Download for Android and iOS

Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower uses the standard tall tower princess setting, but with an interesting twist. In the game, no knight will come to save the girl. So she needs to fight her way through enemies and traps on her own to regain her freedom.

To do this, you will have to kill enemies and dig deep into the tower, trying not to die from a very evil dragon. The activity is very addictive, so Once Upon a Tower is worth checking out.

Download for Android and iOS

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