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🥇The 26 most beautiful [kostenlosen] WordPress Templates for 2021

Templates bring structure to your WordPress sites and enable you to create a distinctive online presence. The range of great design templates is almost endless. In this article we introduce you 26 particularly beautiful and free templates for your WordPress website.

What are WordPress templates?

WordPress templates are sample pages for your website. They provide a framework that determines how headings, paragraphs of text, images, and other elements are designed and arranged.

There are WordPress templates for every conceivable page: from the start page to the team page to the blog overview.

WordPress Theme vs WordPress Template: What’s the Difference?

While a template represents a template for a single page, a theme a complete sample website including connection to a Content Management System (CMS). A theme combines several templates into one overall appearance.

Create WordPress template

Templates can be used as pure designs in graphics editing software such as Photoshop created or in Photoshop file format .psd be bought. There are also fully programmed templates that can be built into any CMS as HTML pages.

The easiest way for you is to buy ready-made templates or have them created according to your wishes by professionals. Or you can use one of the many beautiful ones free templates, which are available for example at WordPress.

WordPress Templates: Which is the Best?

Which template is best for you depends on the type of website you have and your personal requirements. In any case, make sure that the design responsive is. That means it must be able to dynamically adapt to different screen sizes.

Otherwise, your site might look amazing on a computer, but won’t work on smartphones. Not only that this is annoying for users and thus the UX (User Experience) negatively influenced: Google also penalizes pages that are not responsive.

26 WordPress templates from Themeforest & Co.

The selection of templates is huge and it is not always easy to find the right design for the special requirements of your website. We have you 26 Free WordPress Templates selected and present the various advantages and disadvantages:

1st traffic light


Source: Ample Theme

If you want to keep your website minimalist and focus on the essentials, Ample could be the right choice for you. It is versatile and lets uncomplicated customize to your liking.



Antreas looks very professional and is suitable, for example, for companies that Services to offer. The template is intuitive to use. Special highlight: Animations while scrolling.

3. Aperture

Aperture WordPress theme

Be sure to check out Aperture when you’re with big pictures want to work. These can be effectively displayed in all templates belonging to the theme.

4. Auberge

Auberge Worpress Theme

Auberge is compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, making it perfect if you’re on impressive images set. At the same time, there is enough space in the head area to place important information above the fold.

5. Brilliance


One benefit of Brilliance is that you’re already on the large scale header image a call-to-action can place. It is therefore particularly suitable for generating leads. It also shines with its good loading times.


WordPress Templates Grapherpress

The name says it all: Business is designed to convince potential customers right from the start page. Under a large header image your offers as well as your team and your content can be presented professionally.


WordPress template Sydney

Sydney is a compelling one business theme, which enables companies and agencies to create an impressive online presence. the Full Screen Slider is a great eye-catcher. A big advantage is the wide range of customization options for the design of the background.

8. Esteem


This template convinces with numerous options when choosing the color scheme. You also have the option of your own logo upload or adjust the slider of your website according to your corporate design. With Esteem it will be easy, your portfolio to be presented in such a way that it immediately catches the eye of visitors.

9. Ashe

Ashe_WordPress Template

Ashe is specially for bloggers and magazines designed. The minimalist and mobile-friendly design creates the ideal basis for attracting visitors with inspiring, visually powerful content. Especially great: The template allows the integration of a Instagram slider widgets.

10. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is primarily based on speed. The loading times with this template are remarkable. Another advantage: Website visitors can see the most important information at the top before they scroll down.

11. Storefront

woocommerce storefront_WordPress Templates

If you have one modern online shop WooCommerce Storefront is a good choice. The free template offers the optimal integration of the WooCommerce shop plugin. It also includes a responsive design, a nestable grid system and very good options for search engine optimization.

12. Kent

Kent WordPress Templates 2021

Kent is a fairly simple theme and worth considering for you, if your focus is on creating longer texts. The quite unusual and simple structure of the page, with a picture on the left edge of the screen and small teasers on current blog texts, is an eye-catcher.

13. ColorMag

ColorMag_WordPress Templates 2021

ColorMag offers chic templates for blogs and magazine pages. It is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder plugin and thus offers countless design possibilities, Arrange your posts creatively.

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14. Neve

New WordPress Templates 2021_9

Neve gives any website an eye-catching look. who a flexible template that allows a variety of designs, is well equipped with Neve. In addition, the template convinces with modern standards for WordPress templates, a lean code and SEO friendliness.

15. Radiates

Radiate WordPress Templates 2021_10

Radiate is a bright, clean template for blogs. The background can be customized and a parallax header provides that certain something with spatial images.

16. Receptor


The Theme Receptar stands out with its extraordinary home page template. But the templates for blog articles are also impressive. They are particularly suitable to present recipes in an appetizing way.

17. Silvia

Silvia_WordPress Templates 2021_11

Silvia offers you the opportunity to present photos in an attractive way. This is particularly useful if, for example, you Sell ​​design products or about Blog fashion & beauty.

18. Sparkling


Sparkling not only looks professional but also comes with features that one expensive premium templates would be worthy. A front-end framework feature helps you to optimize the site for mobile devices as well. Sparkling has one Full screen slider, is SEO friendly and compatible with many popular WordPress plugins.



This template makes it easy for you with its grid system, a lot of content to present at once. SSMAG also offers attractively designed Social share buttons and offers space for four Google Ad Placements by default.

20. Travelify

Travelify_WordPress Templates 2021_12

Travelify can be used very flexibly and can be visually adapted to your brand. For example, there is the possibility of a custom background image to use and one Featured Sliders on and off with just one click.

21. Tyche


This template is a good choice for online shops. You can present all your products in different presentation forms and advertising banner install. Tyche is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

22. Hestia

Hestia_WordPress Templates 2021_13

Modern, SEO-friendly and responsive: The one-pager-Template hestia convinces with a wide range of functions and a number of design options. Buttons in the header area can be ideally used to generate leads or to navigate website visitors to further content.

23. OnePress

Onepress_WordPress Templates 2021_14

OnePress is ideal for business websites, portfolios, digital agencies or product presentations. The template is as one-pager created. With the help of the navigation you can jump to the respective point on the page. Parallax scrolling effects additionally support the visual experience.

24. Astra

Astra_WordPress Templates 2021_15

Business websites and online shops can be created with the template from astra design. The template comes with several built-in header layouts. Complete freedom of design also allows the option to create web pages that span the entire screen (full width).

25. Allegiant

Allegiant_WordPress Templates 2021_16

The template is visually striking and versatile allegiance. the prefabricated blocks can be used ideally to introduce employees, list services or depict customer logos – all in all a great one business theme.

26. Kale

Kale_WordPress Templates 2021_17

The template is ideal for a lifestyle and food blog Cale. In the template you will find a simple but modern design, equipped with a wide range of functions for designing your WordPress website. Slider Options also provide a great way to promote your latest posts on the home page.

Conclusion: Website design made easy with WordPress templates

No matter how well-founded and captivating your website is in terms of content, if it is not visually convincing, it will hardly achieve the desired results. WordPress templates provide you professional designs, which you only have to adapt to your wishes. The free versions also offer the advantage that you can try them out without obligation before you finally decide on a template.

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