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✅ Use different themes on WordPress website 2022

✅ Use different themes on WordPress website 2022

This is how it works: Use several different themes on a WordPress website

Updated guide from 2021

Choosing the “right” theme is not always easy given the multitude. And sometimes it happens that you would like to use two or more themes at the same time. For example, a premium theme for the website in general and a different theme for the blog area or to use a different template on the WooCommerce shop than on the rest of the WordPress website.

At first it seems like you can only use one theme as there is no way to enable a second theme in the WordPress backend. Always the WordPress theme that is activated is visible on the website. And if you then activate a different theme, it suddenly destroys the entire layout of the website.

But there are three waysthat you Use unlimited themes on your WordPress website can.

1. Plugin: Divi Builder

This plugin works like a page builder on speed. It offers you countless possibilities where other page builders have long reached their limits.

Once the plugin is installed, you can activate the Divi Builder for each page individually.

If you activate it on a page, you can specify individually for each page whether you want a specific menu, a specific design or a specific layout. For example, change the logo for certain pages or change certain colors and elements.

Here you can test the Divi Builder plugin directly on a free demo site – without providing your email address or anything else.

The nice thing about the Divi Builder plugin is that should you ever want to change your installed theme, your pages will remain in the same design if you built them with the Divi Builder.

Incidentally, numerous design templates from top-class web designers are included free of charge and can be imported at the push of a button.

2. Theme: Divi Theme

If you are ready to switch to another theme, I can recommend the Divi Theme by Elegantthemes. The Divi Builder is already integrated in this (so you don’t have to install an additional plugin).

This theme is suitable for beginners and developers alike. The possibilities are endless, but the ease of use means it won’t overwhelm you. As a professional, you will find that there are no limits with the Divi Theme.

You can set an extra menu, a different logo, a different footer, etc. for each page. With just a few clicks, a WordPress website is created that uses several different themes. You can even choose a completely different design, text, etc. for smartphones and/or tablets.

Test the Divi Theme for free on a demo site to see what you can design with it.

If you later want to change the theme of your website, you can still keep the content created with Divi in ​​the same design by simply installing the Divi Builder plugin.

In this article you will find all the advantages and functions of the Divi Theme listed in detail.

Several themes on WordPress website with Divi Plugin or Divi Theme

3. Plugin Page Theme (Deprecated)

The “Page Theme” plugin allows the use of different themes on one WordPress installation. As with Divi, a different theme can be selected for each page and blog post.

As soon as the plugin is activated, the theme can be set individually for each page or article in the settings. The overview in the admin area shows the currently assigned themes for each page and for each post.

First activate the theme and then change the page or post

In order for the plugin to work properly, it is important that you always activate the theme for which you want to make adjustments first. Then open the page or article to be edited. After making the changes, you set which theme to use in the plugin’s Page Theme menu.

Last but not least, reactivate the theme that should apply to your entire website by default. Now go to the page or article you just changed – et voilá: You are now using different themes on a WordPress website.

Danger! That’s why you shouldn’t use this plugin anymore

The plugin has been around for years no longer updated and is Not tested with the latest major versions of WordPress. So it can happen that by installing the plugin your site will no longer work or will be hacked.

I strongly recommend you to use variant 1 or 2 – i.e. Divi Plugin or Theme, so you are on the safe side and have even more functions than with the Page Theme Plugin.

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