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▷ OceanWP – My experiences with the WordPress theme » WPBlog

▷ OceanWP – My experiences with the WordPress theme » WPBlog

More than 1.3 million users use OceanWP as their theme. According to the manufacturer’s information. Developers, such as private website operators, fall into the broad target group for which that design is designed. I will now show you which functions you can count on and what can be built with them.

First of all, it should be said: OceanWP is a multipurpose theme. It should therefore adapt optimally to your circumstances and thus be usable not only for private purposes, but also in combination with WooCommerce, for example.

Special features of OceanWP

The free version of OceanWP is heavily stripped down. In other words, a paid license version is required in order to be able to use some extensions. These include the cookie notice required for the GDPR or the Elementor, which is then included in the bundle. White labeling is also possible once the theme has been purchased.

What other features are there?

Blog post slider

The slider for current blog entries is optically very variable. You can either stretch it across the entire page or display several posts side by side. The distances in each direction can also be flexibly defined.

share line

Under products (in the WooCommerce shop) or under posts and pages, this extension, which according to the programmer you can also download for free for the free version, provides the necessary call-to-action. Many people roaming the web have short attention spans. Prompt them to share your words if they liked them and increase your organic traffic. Appropriate functions are essential for this.

Side panel (also called hamburger menu)

Whoever hears about the hamburger menu for the first time naturally thinks of fast food. In icons, the meal is usually shown in three thick horizontal lines arranged one below the other. Clicking on a blog will display an additional sidebar, which can be used, for example, to accommodate categories. At the end of the day, of course, you can put whatever you want in the widget. In any case, it is particularly important for mobile devices.

Sticky headers & sticky footers

The title of such functions is often misleading. In fact, this is about the top menu bar of your site and not the image header. This ensures that the line always runs along when scrolling. Your visitors can click on the points that are important at any time. Social media icons are also located in this navigation bar.

The same effect is stored differently in the sticky footer. In this way you can always make the most important links to the imprint & Co. accessible.

Full screen header

Now it’s about the image header! With the full-screen feature, you can embed large background images that fill the entire screen as soon as someone new lands on your page. With the help of responsive design, this is also the case on mobile devices.

Contact information in the footer

Corporate websites need this! The most important information is clearly displayed so that you can be contacted quickly if necessary. This includes the address, telephone number and email address.

Various mail formats

For example, if you run a small magazine, you won’t always publish in plain text format. Videos, links to viral content, quotes and maybe even one or the other audio file will then become interesting for distribution. The Ocean Extra features are right below the editor, so you can manage each post individually. Simply deactivate formats that you do not need and they will not appear at all.

Examples: You can use OceanWP for this

In principle, you can use the individual elements to build whatever you like. Below are a few specific suggestions as to what is possible, for example.

Wedding planner website

What do people who want to get married and need someone to plan everything they need do? You must get emotion conveyed through the website. Recognizing that this contact person makes their dearest dream come true. For this you need emotional web design and especially large blocks that can be provided with a background image are important.

Newsletter landing page

A large page consisting only of a dark background and some text. Very prominently placed: Registration for the newsletter.

There are individual cases that actually require just a landing page for a newsletter. For example, if you sell an eBook on a specific topic and offer free content here. Or if you sell an app and the users can be informed about news through the newsletter.

Progress page for your training

Ordinary text blogs are too boring for you because you just want to document your progress on the start page? The blog does not always have to be the start page. OceanWP has features that allow you to show individual blocks. You provide this with text and icons and visitors already know how much muscle size you have gained, how many hours you have spent in the fitness center or how many people you have already been able to motivate as a personal trainer.

model website

Are you a professional model and want to be booked by agencies? You can design images and text similar to a print page from your favorite fashion magazine. And you also place the portfolio on the start page to refer to your previous work.

The classic blog

Of course, OceanWP is probably best suited to running a very simple and classic blog. You present your blog posts in either the regular way, or in a table or block style, and interested readers then choose the ones that interest them the most.

Download OceanWP

OceanWP was programmed by Nicholas in 2016. However, he has been part of the bloggosphere since 2012, when he also started dealing directly with WordPress.

Downloading the stripped down version is free and start directly on the oceanwp.org website. However, if you want to use the ready-made demos for yourself or the different premium extensions, a license is required. You can choose between three different variants:

  • staff; One-site license, costs $39 annually or $159 one-time for a lifetime license
  • Business; License for three pages, costs $79 annually or $319 one time for lifetime
  • Unlimited; License for unlimited pages, either yearly for $129 or lifetime for $519

The individual extensions do not differ in these three subscription plans. It’s really all about how many WordPress sites you want to populate with OceanWP.

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