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Not everyone is capable of coding themselves. And if it does, there is often simply not enough time to ensure an attractive design in addition to all the work that goes into a blog. For this reason, one often resorts to a ready-made content management system. The only question left is whether you should use a free design or a premium theme.

Convinced of using a paid template for your next project? I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best WordPress themes. This also includes my absolute favorite among WordPress themes, namely the popular Divi Theme.

If you run your site professionally, the expenses should not pose a problem, at least in purely accounting terms, because you can record them as depreciation items (keyword external service). Despite everything, one would of course like to have the pros and cons compared. So let’s dive into the possible reasons why premium versions are so important.

1. More options

There are now just as many premium providers as there are blogs themselves. In other words, they have to compete enormously for their customers. The many additional functions that are automatically offered to you through use are all the more important. Premium designs often offer much greater flexibility. On top of that, instead of just getting an attractive framework, there are a few plugins, shortcodes and other gimmicks that help you to completely customize your website. In the end, hardly any blog is like the other if they use the same purchased layout.

2. Ongoing updates

Whether you receive ongoing support always depends on what you book in addition to the layout purchase. But you can be sure of ongoing updates in any case, as long as the respective layout is still being coded. In general, it can be assumed that there will be sporadic updates and improvements for around two years. Security gaps are closed or additional tools are offered – this was the case for the GDPR, for example.

What is the difference to the support? It’s a bit more individual. Here you explicitly address questions to the theme authors, who will then be at your side with advice and action.

3. All in One

Earlier I mentioned that plugins are often included in the theme. In general, it’s always good to get everything from a single source. This way you don’t even get into the pressing situation of having to resort to something that may not work without any problems. It is possible that individual functions of the design and a third-party plugin are not completely error-free, then error messages can sometimes hail.

In addition, plugins that are included in the theme set are of course perfectly tailored to its needs and requirements. Each additional addon is then only a mass product that covers the functions of each design as far as possible. Certainly not a problem with individual small info boxes, but try embedding a slider in a ready-made design. The ultimate horror show!

4. Use one of the demo versions

As a rule, various demo versions are offered, which provide you with a page that is as prepared as possible. For example, if you like the template for webzines of your premium theme and would like to build one yourself, then you can use exactly this structure for yourself. Or change individual areas individually. Ultimately, this saves you a lot of time and you get exactly what you may have fallen in love with in the first place.

5. You are betting on the future

With regular updates and a beautifully optimized code (after all, the themes are put together by professionals) you are of course well prepared for the future. Keywords like responsive or valid code don’t give you a headache. Your site is automatically suitable for all end devices, just as it is optimally displayed in all browsers.

6. Not every blogger pays for their theme

Many bloggers still prefer to use free designs. On the one hand, they may not appreciate the many advantages of premium themes, on the other hand, they may simply not have the budget for it. Of course, this gives you another advantage. So your blog doesn’t remain one of many, but quickly stands out with a special design.

what are you using

How about – which of these perks is your favourite? In the end, of course, it’s the overall concept that counts and the fact that premium themes have so many advantages is of course exciting. It all depends on what your individual ideas are like. Before you invest directly in a theme, you should take a close look at what it can do. Take a look at my review category, for example, where I regularly present great themes to you!

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